There are occasions for full pies, but a tart is perfect for everyday. It's really a perfect little dessert, a few bites of deliciousness to make your mouth happy. Our tarts, pies and crumbles are refined sugar free, and dairy free, with house-sitting made fillings.

Tarts, Pies and Crumbles

    • All of our tarts, pies and crumbles are free from refined sugar and dairy.
    • Crumbles are free from dairy and eggs
    • All of our tarts are Paleo
    • Tarts are packed in boxes of 4 small tarts
    • Garnish may vary, more elaborately garnished tarts are available on request
    • Crumbles are suitable for 1-3 people
    • Tarts are grainfree, and dairy free and contain organic, free range eggs and are also Paleo
    • Crumbles are packaged in 2 servings and are free from dairy and eggs and are Plantbased
    • All of our products are free from refined sugar, GMO, artificial colour and flavours or preservatives and are whole foods based
    • Garnishes may vary

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