Wellness Wednesday Program

Wellness Wednesday is more than a workshop series; it is now a wellness program with the intention of building community and human connection which will, ideally, encourage and support a decrease in isolation and loneliness. There is a reason we reach out for connection in the form of speaker series' that focus on health and wellness....and it's not just because it seems to be #trending right now! We are lonely. Our isolation from community is contributing and maintaining poor mental health practices, leading to bigger issues. It's a trickle-down effect; we recognize that part of that chain reaction needs to change and something needs to be done so we attend workshops in hopes that this is the thing that needs to be done in order to stave off the looming existential crisis. That's a lot of pressure to put on one workshop!

Change takes time and being held accountable within the friendly arms of a community who is also looking for positive change may be a motivating factor in what precipitates that change. Wellness looks different for every one, it is a very unique human experience; by creating a supportive community, we hope to offer levels of human connection that aren't typically on offer.

Let's get real with one another! This life is hard.... but we don't have to do it alone.

Tickets to every Wellness Wednesday workshop include access to a facilitated and supportive Facebook group, where presenters are available for questions/comments/discussions and where attendees can connect with each other. Additionally, tickets also include a face to face meet-up, facilitated by the presenter of the workshop, once a month for six months where discussions can deepen and attendees can connect further.

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