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Updated: Aug 18, 2019

What's in a name? Some people have expressed confusion over our name, Nosh by Nourish @ Nova. Let us explain!

As our "About" section highlights, ultimately the idea of a gluten free bakery came from Alissa's celiac diagnosis and her inability to find anything appropriate (nutritious and delicious!) to eat in other bakeries at the time. There, the idea for Nourish was born several years earlier under a different name with a focus on more traditional baking (though always gluten free). These were back in the good old days before #glutenfree was trending! Fast forward through some evolution and life, and we have the birth of Nourish Kitchen and Bakery.

Nourish Kitchen and Bakery has been operating as a 100% gluten free baking business, out of commercial kitchens, since 2016. Alissa's research into ethically sourced ingredients, supporting fair and direct trade and local #yyc suppliers/farms, and nutrition led to a thoughtful, customer-focused menu. We make the food you want to eat, the food you should eat! As well as ethically sourced, our ingredients are always refined sugar free, free from soy, GMOs, and palm oil. We use organic ingredients as often as possible. Our bread is our best seller! Nourish is proud to have introduced Gluten Free Sourdough to Alberta, including our famous Paleo Sourdough! Nourish's Sourdoughs are naturally fermented with wild yeast and freshly milled gluten free flours, using zero gums, additives, or preservatives.

So where does 'nosh' come from?

In 2018 we were offered an opportunity to take over the coffeehouse attached to Yoga Nova Studio - obviously, we took it! January 2019 Nova Coffeehouse became Nosh by Nourish @ Nova. Collectively, Yoga Nova and we decided that the building should be referred to as the "Nova Building".

Therefore, with Nourish Kitchen and Bakery making the nosh (food) in the Nova building, that people are eating "enthusiastically or greedily", the name seemed rather perfect.

Nosh by Nourish @ Nova opened January 2019


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