Connection over Competition

Anyone who was born and raised in Calgary knows that despite the 1.3 million people living here, it is still a small town; communities are tight knit and you can, somewhat, get by on "who you know". Calgarians are loyal, if we like something, we will support it until we no longer live here or no longer live. The Folk Fest is a prime example of this; the Mecca of Calgary summers, those of us who attend get there early and stake our claim to chunks of land with giant tarps and blankets. This is where we will stay for three we even go home to sleep? It's uncertain.

And this happens year after year with the same crowds spreading out the same blue tarps.

© Andres Saez Photos

Calgarians know how to connect and build community. Compared to other major cities, these communities are still relatively small but full of creative, passionate initiators. We believe all of those impassioned people deserve to be heard! We can't all be heard when everyone in the room is talking at the same time. What we all learned on the playground - take turns - can also apply as we build communities together.

Earlier this month we realized that our Eclectic Fashion Show was booked on the same date as two other fashion events in the city so we decided to postpone it. Stepping back so that others in the community could be heard only made sense to us and postponing our event gives us the freedom to support their events (well, one of them since we can't be in the same place at the same time).

This was a wordy way of saying, #SUPPORTLOCAL. Support local businesses by buying their products, frequenting their cafes (#shamelessplug), and attending their events. Support local by focusing on community rather than competition and knowing when and where your voice can shine. Finally, support local by attending one of these exciting events on September 28th:

Parkluxe 2019

The UpTurn Fashion Event

Everyone wins when we focus on connection and community over competition!

This is our city - we can mold it for the better.


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